Bradwell Parish has four working allotment sites.

The Parish Council directly administers three of these and any enquiries about these should go via the Parish Office at 21 Glovers Lane Heelands, MK13 7LW; telephone (01908) 321285, email There has been strong demand for these in recent years and the Council has extended the number of available plots by opening up the Fosters Lane Allotment site. There is a waiting list of applicants;  please contact to be added to the list. 

St Lawrence Allotments off the junction of Abbey Road and Vicarage Road , Bradwell Village (between the church and railway) This site comprises 49 large plots. Apply to go on the waiting list. As at 15th September there are three vacant plots.

Fosters Lane Allotments, end of Fosters Lane, Bradwell. This site opened in 2011 and has 35 usable smaller plots. Apply to go on the waiting list. As at September 2017 there are three vacancies.

Heelands West Allotments,end of Winterburn off Arncliffe Drive, Heelands. There are 15 plots. Apply to go on the waiting list. As at February 2017 there are no vacancies.

The fourth site, Heelands Allotments, is run by the self-administering Heelands Allotment Association. Please ring Liz Parsons on (01908) 675342 for any further information or bookings on this site, including rates and the current waiting list. Although independently administered, their conditions are aligned with those of the Parish Council (see below).

Rates for plots;  tenancies run from 1 October to 30 September


Rate per annum

(part-year pro rata)

Concessionary rate Refundable deposit
St Lawrence Allotments £25.00 £18.75 £25.00
Fosters Lane Allotments £20.00 £15.00 £25.00
Heelands West Allotments £20.00 £15.00 £25.00


A refundable deposit of £25.00 is payable on each plor.  This will be returned at the end of a tenancy if the plot is left in a good condition.  All plots are let in accordance with the Council's allotment tenancy terms and conditions. 


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