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Applications for Bradwell Parish Grants

Bradwell Parish Council covers the Milton Keynes grid squares of Bradwell Common, Bradwell (Village), Bradwell Abbey, Heelands and Rooksley. It awards monetary grants to organisations that work for the benefit of residents living within Bradwell Parish. The Council regrets that, by law, it is not able to award grants to individuals. The rules for awarding grants are as follows:

  1. Any organisation can only be awarded only one grant in any financial year (April to March).

  2. The application form for Bradwell Parish Council grants (see link below) must be completed in full. The form must be received, together with any supporting documentation, at the Parish Office (21 Glovers Lane) at least ten days before it can be considered at a meeting of the Parish Council, so that it can be included on the agenda for that meeting. In considering any grant, the parish councillors must be satisfied that the applicant is a properly constituted bona fide organisation working for the benefit of Bradwell Parish and its residents. The Council reserves the right to publicise any grant in its newsletter and/or website.

  3. Grants of a value up to and including £250
    For these smaller applications, the parish councillors may award a grant without receiving a personal presentation from the applicant(s), although they reserve the right to make any appropriate enquiries. Any grant awarded will be paid by cheque, receipt of which must be acknowledged promptly. The Council would appreciate receiving confirmation when the money has been spent, and may ask to witness the outcome of this expenditure.

  4. Grants of a value between £251 up to £1,000
    Before the parish councillors can make a decision on grants of £251 and over, they require not only the grant application to be submitted in advance, together with any supporting documentation, but for representative(s) of the organisation requesting the grant personally to attend a Parish Council meeting to present their case and answer any questions the councillors may ask. Any grant will be paid by cheque which must be acknowledged promptly. The Parish Council requires written confirmation of when the grant has been spent and representatives(s) of the Council will inspect the outcome.

  5. Grants of a value in excess of £1,001
    The procedure is the same as in 4 above, except that grants of £1,001 and over are only awarded once a year at the annual budget meeting in January and paid at the start of the next financial year commencing in the following April The reason is the impact that such a grant has on the Council's precept which is made once a year. The personal interviews must take place at a Council meeting before the annual budget meeting in mid-January.

  6. If you require any further information please contact the Parish Clerk at the above address.


Past recipients of grants include:

Bradwell Village School contribution towards fencing their wildlife conservation area.

MK Youth Service for two years' running Healthy Heelands and basketball training.

Bradwell Church contribution towards the restoration of the historic churchyard gates.

MK Welfare Rights Group donation towards their work in the parish.

MK Community Mediation Service for help to resolve disputes between neighbours.

Bradwell Memorial Hall towards restoration of the war memorial gates.

Priory Common School towards a quiet area & equipment and storage for early years.

Bradwell Village Pre School for equipment and toys for pre-school age children.

Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance (covers MK) contribution to costs.

Summerfield School, Bradwell Common contribution towards security fencing.

Heelands School contribution towards security fencing of the school grounds.

Old Bradwell United Football Club towards purchase of goal posts, nets & equipment.

Old Bradwell Cricket Club towards drainage of the outfield.

Bradwell Bowls Club towards maintaining the bowling green.

Bradwell Village Pre School contribution to playground markings.

Bradwell Common Playgroup contribution to costs.

Stantonbury Campus contribution to cost of multi-media studio for a new diploma course.

Willen Hospice contribution towards upgrading the nurses' station.

If you are an properly constituted organisation whose work benefits residents of Bradwell Parish you are welcome to apply for a grant.

Please click on the link below to download the grant application form and the full conditions.

Grant Application Form (and Conditions)

Please send completed grant application forms to the Parish Clerk/Manager at the Bradwell Parish Council office, 21 Glovers Lane, Heelands, Milton Keynes, MK13 7LW with any supporting information. The application will then be considered by the parish councillors. Note that for grants of over £250.00, the application is required to be supported by attendance at a parish council meeting. Please include a contact name and telephone number in case we need to seek more information about your application.


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