End of the Suffolk Punch

On Thursday 9th March Milton Keynes Council agreed to the demolition of the Suffolk Punch and its replacement by a development of 27 houses, a small community centre and quite a lot of parking spaces. The decision was made by the narrowest of margins in front of a large turn-out of the Suffolk Punch's supporters and against a hard fought campaign by the local people, the parish council, ward councillors and Bucks Star Brewery.

Suffolk Punch
The Suffolk Punch in better days

The campaign to Save the Suffolk Punch was initiated even before the closure of the pub and has included: listing the site as an Asset of Community Value (2013); the Plan by MK Sieve to create a community centre on the site; the campaign against the (legally dubious) de-listing  as an ACV by Milton Keynes Council that was organised by the Friends of the Suffolk Punch as well as the opposition to the developer's plans (ongoing since 2015). The parish owns a special debt of gratitude to (Councillor) Robin Bradburn for his unceasing efforts.



Recent view of devastated trees
Trees on the site have already been destroyed

Finally, it was not all bad news and the campaign did manage to salvage some concessions, including a very significant last minute one made on the night: the making over of a small plot of land (effectively given by MK Council) to the parish council on which to build a community centre, together with some funding (£208 000) towards the building of a centre (which had already been promised). So that eventually a community facility should one day stand on (a small part of) the site.




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