Tree policy


(adopted by Bradwell Parish Council on 16th December 2013)

This policy identifies the Parish Council’s approach to the management of trees on land owned by the Parish Council. It is intended to act as a point of reference for the public, Councillors and Council employees to ensure a clear, consistent and structured approach to the management of trees.


As landowner, the Parish Council has a duty of care to ensure that all of the trees on its land are kept in an acceptable condition and do not put persons and property at unreasonable risk.


The Parish Council will undertake to complete by the 31st March 2015 a programme of work to identify all trees within its ownership.  Thereafter regular inspections of trees will be carried out by a qualified arboriculturalist on all land owned by the Parish Council.  The frequency and timings of inspections will be informed by independent advice provided by an arboricultural expert taking account of the Parish Council’s duty of care.


Save for the purposes of dealing with proven cases of harm to property which would otherwise place undue financial burdens on the Parish Council, or where it would be good aboricultural practice to ensure the long term amenity of trees which are of significant amenity value, only dead, dying, diseased or dangerous trees will be removed or made safe, whichever is deemed necessary.


A prioritised programme of tree work will be maintained based on the inspections and with an emphasis on planed rather than reactive tree maintenance.


The Parish Council will allocate sufficient resources to ensure that it is able to manage the trees that it owns.

Consideration will always be given to the impact of any tree pruning or felling on local wildlife.  Tree work will be scheduled to take place in periods where the impact on local wildlife is minimised. Opportunities in the vicinity or elsewhere within the Parish to provide wildlife habitats and reuse/recycle the waste wood produced will be pursued wherever practicable.


The Council will ensure all tree works are carried out to the most up to date and relevant British Standards for Tree Work. Tree pruning will only be undertaken where there is sound justification for the work. Where pruning is undertaken it will be in accordance with good arboriculture practice to ensure minimum harm to the tree and every effort will be made to ensure the general shape and character of each tree is retained.


The Council will not fell or prune trees on Council owned land solely to alleviate problems caused by natural and/or seasonal phenomena.


The Council will not fell or prune trees for reasons of light.


The Parish Council will not fell or prune trees solely for the reason that they are causing interference with television or satellite reception, unless complainants have taken other measures to improve reception without success and it can be proven that pruning will improve reception. In considering any action the Council will take account of the amenity value of the trees concerned.


The Parish Council will give consideration to any complaints or requests regarding trees on Council owned property, taking into account it’s tree management policy and/or advice from a qualified arboricultural expert.


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