Suffolk Punch

End of the Suffolk Punch

On Thursday 9th March Milton Keynes Council agreed to the demolition of the Suffolk Punch and its replacement by a development of 27 houses, a small community centre and quite a lot of parking spaces. The decision was made by the narrowest of margins in front of a large turn-out of the Suffolk Punch's supporters and against a hard fought campaign by the local people, the parish council, ward councillors and Bucks Star Brewery.

Suffolk Punch planning decision in the balance

The proposed plan for demolition and re-development of the Suffolk Punch is due to be heard at Development Control Committee meeting tonight (Thursday 9th March) at the Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate East, Milton Keynes Council, at 7pm. The public are welcome to attend, although all the places for speaking on this have already been filled, it's not too late to show your interest by attending.


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